News: Expert Commentary ‘Third of adults yet to make it down the aisle’

On Thursday 9 July 2015, I provided expert commentary on new statistics released by the Office of National Statistics on Marital Status and Living Arrangements in England and Wales in an article entitled ‘Third of adults yet to make it down the aisle‘ by Richard Ford in The Times.

“More than a third of adults in England and Wales are single and have never married. Among those who have done, record numbers of ‘silver splitters’ over 50 now choose to live together with a new partner rather than marry again, figures from the Office for National Statistics show… Jennifer Holland, affiliate at the ESRC Centre for Population Change at Southampton University, said: ‘The statistics show the long-term changes in the way people are living and partnering. There is no longer an expectation for people to marry or cohabit. The higher proportion of people remaining single and living independently is part of the same kind of trend which means people are no longer expected to partner early in life.'” The Times, 9 July 2015


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