News: Lecturer of the Year Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam

I was voted the 2018 Lecturer of the Year by Public Administration students at the Department of Sociology and Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  I teach the first year course in Quantitative Methods. This was one of the first courses I ever taught and it is one of my favorites! I enjoy teaching a diverse group of students, from a range of degree programs, with different backgrounds and different orientations toward statistics– from the keen and excited to the suspicious and worried. I love seeing students (especially those who were initially less-than-thrilled about the quantitative methods requirement for their Bachelor program 😉 dip a toe into the sea of quantitative social science data only discovering that they (*might*… *maybe*… *kind of*… *almost*…) like statistics!

I am so honored to receive this award– thank you all!


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