News: SUSU Best Academic Support Award

On 5 May 2016, I won the Southampton University Student Union award for Best Academic Support for the Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences. It's such pleasure to work with my students here at Southampton--what a thrill to find out that the feeling is mutual! A real honor, thanks so much!

Publication: The Progression of Sexual Relationships

Title: The Progression of Sexual Relationships Authors: Sharon Sassler, Katherine Michelmore and Jennifer A. Holland Journal: Journal of Marriage and Family, 78(3): 587-597. doi: 10.1111/jomf.12289 Abstract: The authors examine factors associated with the advancement or dissolution of newly formed sexual relationships. Data from the 2006–2010 National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) was used to examine women and men aged... Continue Reading →

Publication: Family Attitudes and Fertility Timing in Sweden

Title: Family Attitudes and Fertility Timing in Sweden Authors: Jennifer A. Holland and Renske Keizer Journal: European Journal of Population/Revue Européenne de Démographie, 31(3): 259-85, DOI 10.1007/s10680-014-9333-x Abstract: Employing a novel latent attitude profile approach, as developed by Moors (2008), within the Theory of Planned Behavior, this paper models the association between attitudes and the... Continue Reading →

News: Media coverage of recent publication on ‘Partner choice and timing of first marriage’

On Tuesday 21 July 2015, findings from research conducted in collaboration with Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik (Statistics Norway) about "Partner choice and timing of first marriage among children of immigrants in Norway and Sweden" were featured in an article entitled "Få gifter
båsen [Few get married outside their 'group']" in Vårt Land. (For an English translation via Google Translate click... Continue Reading →

WIP: How Does Cohabitation Fit into the Family Life Course? Ideals and norms in Europe

Title: How Does Cohabitation Fit into the Family Life Course? Ideals and norms in Europe Authors: Jennifer A. Holland and Helga de Valk Abstract: Whether life courses are shaped by social norms or are primarily governed by individual preferences is a matter of debate. In this paper we investigate whether non-marital cohabitation norms structure individuals’ understanding... Continue Reading →

News: New research project “Cohabitation and family complexity”

Along with research teams in Sweden (Elizabeth Thomson (PI), Gunnar Anderson, Eva Bernhardt), Norway (Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik), and the United States (Kelly Musick), I will investigate how cohabitation is related to family instability and the formation of complex families in Sweden, more broadly in Europe, and the United States. This research project will take advantage of newly available Swedish Generations and... Continue Reading →

WIP: Pathways into Family Life among Migrant and Majority Populations

Title: Pathways into Family Life among Migrant and Majority Populations in Scandinavia Authors: Jennifer A. Holland and Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik Abstract: Using high-quality administrative register data, we investigate differential pathways into family life among all migrant- and non-migrant-background individuals born between 1972 and 1989, who grew up in Sweden and Norway.  Beginning a family via marriage... Continue Reading →

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