Publication: Home and Where the Heart Is: Marriage Timing and Joint Home Purchase

Title: Home and Where the Heart Is: Marriage Timing and Joint Home Purchase Authors: Jennifer A. Holland Journal: European Journal of Population/Revue européenne de Démographie, 28(1), 65-89. Abstract: This article evaluates the relationship between the timing of marriage and the purchase of a jointly owned home among Swedish cohabiting couples. Data for this analysis come... Continue Reading →

Publication: Stepfamily childbearing in Sweden

Title: Stepfamily childbearing in Sweden: Quantum and tempo effects, 1950–99 Authors: Jennifer A. Holland and Elizabeth Thomson Journal: Population Studies: A Journal of Demography, 65(1), 115 - 128. Abstract: Several studies have demonstrated that stepfamily couples have a higher risk of childbearing than couples in a stable union with the same total number of children.... Continue Reading →

WIP: Economic Dependency and Marriage among Norwegian First-Time Parents

Title: Economic Dependency and the Transition to Marriage among First-Time Parents in Norway Author: Jennifer A. Holland Abstract: This article explores the relationship between intracouple economic dependency associated with childbearing and the transition to marriage. I proxy for dependency based on participation in a Cash-for-Care benefit scheme. While the program was designed to reimburse parents... Continue Reading →

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