News: New Lectureship in Social Statistics & Demography, University of Southampton

On 1 March 2014, I joined the faculty of the Department of Social Statistics and Demography at the University of Southampton (UK) as an Assistant Professor (Lecturer). In addition to the Lectureship appointment, I will be a faculty affiliate of the ESRC Research Centre for Population Change (CPC) and the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI).... Continue Reading →

Publication: Employment of Turkish Second Generation Women in Europe (NEUJOBS working paper)

Title: The Employment of Turkish Second Generation Women in Europe in Comparative Perspective Authors: Jennifer A. Holland and Helga de Valk Publication: NEUJOBS Working Paper D 18.4. Brussels: European Commission, 7th Framework Program. Abstract: Over the next 50 years, population aging will contribute to a dramatic decline in the European working age population. One important... Continue Reading →

News: “Love, Marriage, then the Baby Carriage?” forthcoming in Demographic Research

My article "Love, Marriage, then the Baby Carriage? The timing of marriage and childbearing in Sweden" has been accepted for publication in Demographic Research, an online, peer-reviewed journal of population science. I am particularly pleased that this work will be available in Open Access format under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (2.0 Germany).  Demographic... Continue Reading →

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