The Odyssey

de Ceuvel, Amsterdam; July 15th to 17th 2022.

The Trojan war is finally over and warrior king Odysseus is on his way home. But after angering the god Poseidon he becomes lost at sea. For ten years he travels from island to island, meeting a series of women who hold his fate in their hands.

In this unique, all-female, site-specific storytelling show, you will follow in Odysseus’ wake as you travel the winding walkway that leads through the grounds of de Ceuvel. At each bend in the path you will encounter a storyteller who recounts her part of Homer’s classic tale. From the sorceress Circe who turns men into pigs, to the murderous sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis, to Odysseus’s long-suffering wife Penelope, each has her own story to tell. 

I wrote and told the stories of the Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis.

Photos by Anouk Denton.


“It was a fabulous experience! Loved every minute of it!! Particular shout out to the sirens, all the women with poisonous words, wow!! 🔥 But all the stories were moving, deep, made me daydream on the path to the next ❤️” (17 Jul 2022)

“This is a great way to explore a mostly male story from a fully female perspective. We journey the entire adventure of Odysseus from Trojan war to his late home coming but the stories come from the women he loved & lost along the way. Very happy to see alternative perspectives of history and myth showcased in this fantastic and all female cast. Highlights include singing, violining, intimate moving groups. Would love to see again. Well done to cast & crew. Xxx” (17 Jul 2022)

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